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CECC's mandate is to create partnerships between companies internationally and locally. We build a network of circles providing support in every area of business operations. Through thousands of meetings, hundreds of conferences and talks, we have gained valuable knowledge and experience about the activities of our members and partners.
We know how they think and operate, what opportunities they have and what problems they face on a daily basis. Based on this, we implement projects that provide access to these clients, solutions: financial, legal and administrative.

Strategic Directions


E-GO collaboration platform

EGO - we provide access to up-to-date information through a collaboration platform for all Central European entrepreneurs in order to establish quick and effective collaborations

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Environmental, social, and corporate governance

ESG - we help to respond to growing stakeholder expectations for sustainability reporting that takes into account environmental, social, and corporate governance

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Renewable energy sources

RES - we create a new RES-based economy. We integrate the science, business, local and state governments in the development of non-fossil energy sources

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Obtaining financing

GRANTS - we prepare the entire process of obtaining funds in EU projects. We manage the entire project with respect to financial, legal, and substantive matters

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EDUCATION - we improve the quality of education. We support the synergy of education and business in order to increase innovation and improve the quality of operations

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We are building an unparalleled and effective network for our members that allows for super-fast cooperation with many entities

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Łukasz Osiński


Arkadiusz Ignasiak


Wojciech Dąbrowski

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The Strategic Directorate for International Relations 
We are a bridge between countries and social, commercial and religious systems.
The Strategic Directorate for International Relations (“SDIR”) uses a partnership approach as a driving force for supporting international businesses and peoples. It serves as a bridge between countries, and social, commercial, and religious systems. This is achieved by SDIR being a conduit for international opportunities for the CECC’s members and partners. As part of its duties, SDIR also opens, develops, and manages CECC’s regional offices - "Honorary Consulates of Business" and regional representatives. SDIR gives respect to its partners and expect the same; we promote diversity of cultures and trans-regional values, and act as a channel between different cultures, customs, political, economic systems, and ways of conducting business or communication. We bring opportunities, and appeal to our local partners, such as regional National Chambers of Commerce, for equivalent openness and administrative, business, and cultural assistance in each others’ markets.

SDIR24: Humanitarian Aid, Programs and Projects - A CECC Initiative

As War and natural disasters propagated by Climate Change plunge the world towards even deeper crises, there is an even greater need to show support and compassion for fellow human beings: Humanitarian Assistance.


SDIR24 is up to this task, and prepares, designs, and manages many different types of humanitarian programs, aid, and projects.


Classically, humanitarian action encompasses the short-term provision of shelter, health services, food, water and sanitation, for the benefit of people affected by an immediate tragedy, whether this is a flood, famine, earthquake, other natural calamities, or man-made war.


But humanitarian assistance also encompasses helping those long-term who have been afflicted to return to normal lives and livelihoods, and rebuild communities and societies.


For SDIR24, Humanitarian is not bound by the notional idea of only providing assistance to disaster areas where human life is under threat. Rather, it focuses on the word “HUMAN” in humanitarian; giving citizens the opportunity to live their lives with dignity. 


This approach is very wide-ranging and encompasses: access to jobs, access to education and self-development; access to housing; access to clean water, air, food, and environment; access to nature; access to quality “relaxation” time; and, access to healthcare and social support (as required). 


Fundamentally, SDIR24 supports economic, social, educational, and healthcare initiatives to increase the quality of life for citizens.

SDIR24 – Working together for All

SDIR – Your Bridge For International Business

SDIR encourage those interested in a collaboration to contact us via email at:


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Strategic Director, Chief Designer:
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The Central European Chamber of Commerce project is designed for all entrepreneurs. Our partners are business support institutions with whom we want to join forces in the mission to support businesses by sharing the ideas, possibilities, entrepreneurs needs and support.


The Central European Chamber of Commerce project is designed for all entrepreneurs. Our partners are business support institutions with whom we want to join forces in the mission to support businesses by sharing the ideas, possibilities, entrepreneurs needs and support.

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Business Meetings

We facilitate access to new customers and business partners, support in matchmaking and conducting business talks

Group Purchases

We provide access to a collaboration platform, lower prices of services and products – a mechanism for group purchasing

Expert Knowledge

We provide access to experts – law, finance, marketing, IT, logistics, real estate and other consulting


We provide access to promotional and advertising media

Market Data

We provide current information, market data and research


We facilitate access to state and local government institutions and business partners


We provide training, workshops – improving the skills of management and further training of employees

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ESG Report Pricing

Brief summary of pricing and obligations facing companies in the EU. From this article you’ll learn how to prepare for the upcoming wave of procedures and paperworks regarding ESG as well as estimated costs associated - based on various examples, including our experience.
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